Sell Your Home Quickly With Easy Home Projects

We are excited to partner with Suzy at for this guest post on how to spruce up your home for a quicker sale. Let us know if you're needing any assistance seeing the vision for your home or need help simplifying your space for an upcoming listing. 

DIY home projects aren’t just for making your home look better - they can also help sell your home more quickly. This is because a well-maintained and renovated home may look more appealing to prospective buyers. This can be as easy as decluttering unwanted items, painting walls and furniture, or updating light fixtures. Below are some ways to sell your home quickly through easy home projects that you can do yourself.


Update Flooring

If your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom could use a makeover, consider updating the floors. Over time, floors can chip or peel, which may give off an outdated appearance. Below are some easy ways to update the floors in your home:

  • Install an engineered luxury plank floor.
  • Add checkerboard flooring.
  • Add a vinyl tile floor.
  • Lay a variety of tiles and accents (these also come in a range of colors, patterns and shapes).
  • Install carpeting.
  • Lay stone tiles.

Though floor maintenance is often an overlooked task, it’s an easy way to increase the value of your home. 


Repair Baseboards

Like flooring, worn baseboards may add an outdated appearance to your home. Fortunately, it’s easy to repair baseboards with the following tips:

  • Use a joint compound to fill in any gaps or chips within the baseboard.
  • Use a drywall taping knife to reshape the chipped sections of the baseboard (after caulking).
  • Sand and/or paint the baseboard for a newly-remodeled appearance.

Repairing baseboards is also an affordable alternative to replacing baseboards and doesn’t require as much time to complete. 


Change Out Handles and Knobs

Knobs and handles are also subject to wear and tear, but can also easily be replaced or repaired. Below are some ways to do so:

  • Remove rust using a combination of vinegar, baking soda and water.
  • Replace parts (such as springs or screws) using tweezers and screwdrivers.
  • Tighten any loose screws.
  • Make sure the door is working properly, which can also affect how the door handle functions.
  • If the above tips don’t work, consider replacing the door handle. You may also need to call a locksmith to change the locks.

Repairing and replacing knobs or handles also doesn’t require the use of any fancy tools. All you really need is a screwdriver and some tweezers or needle nose pliers for small adjustments.


Fill in Nail Holes

Hanging up pictures or posters with screws or thumbtacks can cause unappealing holes in your wall. Fortunately, these can also be easily filled by using drywall spackle or wood filler. Simply use a drywall knife to add drywall spackle to a desired spot on your wall, and smooth it out until it’s dry. For smaller areas like trim, you can also use your fingers to add wood filler. You can also repaint the area if desired, especially if there is a distinguishable contrast of color between the drywall and filler.


How Much Can You Make From Selling Your Home?

This question is determined by several factors, including the sale price of your home, loan balance, interest rate, transfer tax rate and annual property taxes. Simply use an online calculator to fill in the requested information to get a sale proceeds estimate. It’s also important to note that you must pay property taxes on your home up until the sell date. You may also be required to pay a transfer tax to your local government office after the home is sold. 

Home projects are a quick and easy way to update the look of your home for prospective buyers. While it’s important to focus on large projects like painting or remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, it’s also important to update the small details of your home, such as baseboards and nail holes. Consider these details when working on your next DIY home project. 



Suzie Wilson is an interior designer with more than 20 years experience. What started as a hobby (and often, a favor to friends) turned into a passion for creating soothing spaces in homes of every size and style. While her goal always includes making homes look beautiful, her true focus is on fashioning them into serene, stress-free environments that inspire tranquility in all who enter. The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House is filled with tips, tricks and other advice based on Suzie’s years of experience in interior home design that will set you up for success.

Parkside Business Park Remodel

Need a refresh on your business. Well you're in luck. We are at your service. With the Parkside project we took a drab outdated space and made it shinning and new. 

Take a look at the before pics

The install was pretty crazy!  It happened all in one weekend. That meant there were a crew of people all working at the same time. Painters were painting, Chairs were being reupholstered and we were installing (and cleaning floors, haha). It was insane and we loved it!

Take a peak what it looked like at the end of day two. 

The floors still need to get polished and chairs need to be finished but we were so pleased with the update. With painting the trim the same colors as the walls (getting rid of the pink) your eye is now drawn up to the beautiful ceiling details. Love it.



Modern New Build Progress

You guys its been forever since I've blogged. Which is a good sign. Business is booming. And as full time moms and full time designers we are pretty busy.

So without further ado here are the mood boards for our modern new build we designed.

And here are some progress pictures. 

What do you guys think???




Spice Up Your Guest Room

For some reason so many of us get stuck when it comes to updating our homes. Heck, even I do. But having an outsider come in and make a product or rearranging recommendation is often just what we need. 

For this client that is exactly what we did.

Here is her space currently.


We wanted this vintage heirloom furniture to shine. So to show it off our first recommendation was to change out the bedding to something crisp and white. Next we recommended rearranging the bed under the window and moving the chair out of the room to give the room a larger feel. Then we recommend removing the picture frames and other decor out of the room and purchasing a few new products.

The room needed a large piece of art to hide the electrical panel. It also needed a few new throw pillows to help make the bed pop. 

Here are a few product mood boards we put together for our client to pick from. 

Personally this is my favorite combo. It is so outdoorsy and I love the fern pillow from Light and Dwell.

Tarren's guest room 3.jpg

And who doesn't love black and grey with a pop of color? This would look so classy in this room.


Tarren's guest room 2.jpg

I love this fun combo. It brings a little life to the room and we picked out another pillow from Light and Dwell because they are just so cute and from my home state.

Making these few changes will completely transform this space. And that's what we love to help with. When you redecorate you don't have to spend a fortune. Let us help you stick to your budget, use what you already have and fall in love with your home again.



Green Roof Home Bedroom Update

Hey guys. Remember the house with the green roof? Well the home is really coming together! It doesn't really even look like the same home - which is a good thing. Trust me. 

And I'm really blown away by the faith our client had to take on this project. They knew they wanted the house and trusted it would eventually come together the way they wanted it. 

But it hasn't been easy that's for sure. There has been leaky plumping and damaged windows. Lots of flooring to repair. Holes in walls. And so much more. 

Take a look at this one room. Before it was such a dated design with popcorn ceilings, vertical paneling and wallpaper, but with some demo and rebuilding we are watching the design unfold and man does it look good. 

Check it out.

Here is the before:



And here is what it looks like now:



And this is what the process looked like:


More to come from us in the coming weeks. Can't wait to see how the rest of these spaces finish out!

xo Becca

Catching Up and Showing Off the Modern New Build

What a summer! Roz and I decided to start this business by making our services crazy cheap for the summer so we could build our portfolio. And although this was great for boosting our clientele and building a resume, we got a little too busy. We worked so much that we didn't have time to blog or show off our work on social media outlets. 

So now that it is officially Fall we are taking a deep breath, slowing down, learning a lot and trying to ascertain how best to manage a start up company. 

In fact, I am currently sitting in nasty weather in Alabama and living in a 100 sqft camper with my husband, two kids and dog. It's insane but with such a busy summer I wanted to be together as a family while my husband attends a training. 

My plan is so show off some of the work we've done this summer and projects we are currently working on. 

So with that said let me tell you about our biggest project yet. Typically we get to spruce up houses by decorating, staging or even remodeling them. But this was our first time designing every aspect of a new build. And man was it cool. After talking with the owners and figuring out their style/budget, working with exterior siding companies, picking all the finishes for the interior (along with changing some of the blueprints), and working with local contractors and handymen, we came up with a plan to make the house of their dreams. 

Here is a peak at our mood boards for a better idea of the design of the home.

Each board represents a room or space in the home. Every detail was picked to be cohesive and affordable. When we were finished we presented our master product list with links to the products. We also provided options in numerous areas so they would have the final say on the overall ascetics of the home. Fun. And so much work.

Contact us if you need any help in designing your next space.

Going On The Market

Listing your home is a stressful time. Especially with kids. That is why we love to ease the burden and help people create a simple beautiful home that is easy to keep clean and looking great. The better it looks the faster it sells! 


Our first service for this client was a walk through of the home. We made a detailed list of everything to keep out and what to pack up. This service is called our Staging Consult and it is only $150. 

The photos below are from the same house before our staging consult. 

After our staging consult this house is much improved. Take a look.

Next we can back in and added beautiful decor, small furniture items, air mattresses, bedding, flowers, throw pillows, outdoor furniture and plants and rearrange existing items. This service is called our  Decorating service and it starts at just $350. You can rent or purchase our items. 

Look at the difference it makes. We like to think of ourselves as magicians. Not really, but we do think it looks pretty great. 

So call us your magicians or your OCD-Perfectionist-Staging-BFFs but we are here to help.



Photos by the talented Henry Roy

The House with the Green Roof

My heart. It's just going to explode. Nothing makes me happier than watching people's dreams come true. 

And this client is the most deserving. Long ago her husband and her drew out their dream home. Well dreams do come true. They found this house that almost looked exactly like their drawing. The only problem was that the inside looked like this...


Deep breath. It was truly hard to see what she was working with. All I knew is I totally respected the faith they had when to buy this place. 

Step one was a big one. It meant getting all of the stuff out of the house. Once it was empty it was a lot easier to start dreaming about what to do with it. 

And this house is a forever home so step two was just to make it functional and clean. Since the property has oodles of yard work, two barns that need help and five acres that need attention this will be a ten year project. 

But check out what a difference paint alone can make. It is incredible!


It hardly looks like the same house! And don't worry, floors are next. Speaking of floors check out what we found upstairs in the teal and peach rooms..

I cannot wait to see the floors after the paint is removed and they are refinished. Eek. And in case you are wondering why thee heck they bought this place let the views and exterior answer that question. 

I'll stop before this post becomes a book, but I can't wait to see how the house looks with the rest of the rooms painted and the floors stripped and refinished. 



Let's Talk Entryway

So we've got this awesome client that has the coolest house.

You might remember it from the previous post were we worked on their kitchen. They have this entryway space that needs some love as well. They do not need any seating or storage because they have that just around the corner. 


I've been racking my brain on how to make this space cute and functional. And here is what I've got so far. It needs a table. It needs art. And it needs some cute things.

Option 1 Table | Art | Decor


option 1.jpg

Option 2 Table | Light | Art | Basket | Vase

Britany entryway 2.jpg

Option 3 Table | Art | Light | Basket

Option 1 seemed a little too modern for this classic home. So next up we found a cute classy console table from Ikea and then gave her some affordable art options. Want to guess which one she picked? 




Country Meets Classy Kitchen Remodel

Well hey guys! I'm excited for two reasons today. 

First my husband its home from a crazy 10 day cycling trip. And second I am so excited to show you a kitchen project we are working on. 

This kitchen was classic country, which is great for anyone with grandchildren that loves to bake cookies. But this classy couple needed a little update to fit their tastes. 

And its so fun what a can of paint and new statement lights can do to a kitchen. It looks totally different! On our last visit we also got to rearrange the countertops to make a cleaner but still functional kitchen. 

Next up is stools and counters. 

But in the meantime here is what it looked like






And here is what it looked like




The Bachelor Pad

This home was seriously one of my favorites. It took me right back to college. I was ready to sit down with my Cup of Noodles and watch Top Gun.

This home was currently a rental that was going on the market. It was in need of a feminine touch and some paint and decor suggestions. After I did a complete walk through of the home I had some ideas. 

Using my photographic memory I sent a long list of to-dos to the home owner. After those items were done I brought over some plants and decor to get the house ready for the listing photos and open house. 

It was such a wonderful transformation and so much fun.

We love helping get houses ready for the market. Contact us today to see how we can help you.



Photos by the wonderful Henry Roy

Here is what the house looked like before. A lot of the to do list was putting things away. Another big project was painting. Awe paint. It really does make a huge difference. Especially when we are talking about a pink and purple kids room. 

The Family Friendly Home

Hi everyone! We are so excited to tell you a little more about our company. Like we have said, "we are everyone’s design service." What we mean is that we love taking any home and making it more beautiful. In this home, Rozalyn has styled it to make it functional, cute and enjoyable for her entire family. And in case you can’t tell by the photos we love to organize. 

We can make your kid's space more aesthetically pleasing, arrange your family photos in a gallery style and incorporate new plants and throw pillows to add a fresh new look to your home. Let us help you pull off the nursery of your dreams or update your home to make it your style by recommending paint and fixtures.

So contact us today and lets get started on your home. 



Prepping For An Open House

Sometimes all you need is to add a bowl of lemons to your table or clean out your glass cabinets to make your home look fresh and clean. 

That’s exactly what I’m telling my clients when I do staging consults. When you are listing your house it is important to say goodbye to your home and do the work to get it ready to sell. 

Currently one of the services that I am offering clients is a complete walk through of their home. I give detailed instructions on what to keep, what to pack up, and how to arrange what you have to make it look great.

This client was awesome and nailed just about everything on my long (very-long) list of must dos. 

And just take a look at how adorable it looked for the open house. I’m ready to pack up and move on in!


Photos by the cool Henry Roy